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Interior/Exterior Painting

There are many benefits to hiring a professional paint service. Phoenix Advantage Group contractors are trained to adequately address any painting challenges that may arise to get started. They know when to energy clean the exterior or use putty to fill small holes. They are friendly, uniformed and able to answer painting-related questions you may have.

Our team of professional painters is regularly inspecting their work, so we can guarantee that you will say WOW! Our team of painters appears on time and offers the quality you expect on an unexpected timeline.

Using a professional paint service guarantees a good paint job that doesn’t require any rework. It is a service of white gloves in every sense.

House painting service in Beckley, West Virginia 25+ Mile Radius

The house is like a heart, and you want to make your home look beautiful. It all starts with a great look. Our painters’ team has experience painting bricks, stucco, vinyl siding, doors and everything else you can think of. Applying new paint to the exterior gives the house an excellent sidewalk appeal and provides additional protection against the elements.

Even if the new look of the kitchen, the daughter decides that bright pink isn’t the colour she wants in her bedroom, the vibrant master bedroom, etc., the painter team can change your home’s appearance in a day.

We tape everything and take steps to protect your furniture and floor. It doesn’t matter if you need one painted room or an entire house. We can complete the work in one day.

Interior Painting

Are you trying to make the appearance of your Business? Apartments, restaurants, hotels, industrial buildings, and conference rooms need to be painted from time to time. You may want to brighten your shop windows to attract new customers. Alternatively, some work may be required on the interior to give the client a relaxed and professional atmosphere.

The Phoenix Advantage Group adapts to your specific planning needs to minimize all interruptions. We will adjust you and find a painting time that works. Whether we need it at night, on weekends, or during other breaks, we have it on hand to complete your painting process.

Depending on your business, we may need to bring special equipment to ensure that the exterior is painted correctly. It doesn’t matter-our experience commercial painters are trained in the latest and greatest painting techniques and equipment. We also have experience in painting almost all commercial real estate types that we can think of, such as providing painting services for homeowners’ associations.

Commercial painting service in Beckley, West Virginia 25+ Mile Radius

Contact us or call at (304) 760-9071 for hiring our expert service or get a quote.

We service a 25 mile radius of the Beckley, WV area. Including the following counties: Raleigh, Fayette, Wyoming, Summers, Mercer & Boone.