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Decking Service

Whether you need a functional deck or an eye-catching deck, our experienced and hard-working specialists will bring your backyard deck ideas to life. From just installing patio lights and patio railings to creating elaborate multi-level decks, the team offers many options for changing the landscape of your garden in a way that suits your vision. You can also decorate the terrace structure with sturdy stairs and trellis, or create walkways for terraces and sloping garden decks. These skilled professionals, who are part of Fantastic Services, have many years of experience in home and garden remodelling and will always complete the project on time, no matter how many bells or whistles you have. The Phoenix Advantage Group professional service for decking in Beckley, West Virginia and its 25+ Mile Radius.

Pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated wood can be the right choice if accessibility is a top priority. There are other varieties, but they are usually made of pine. Wood is treated with chemicals that help withstand rot and insect damage. Pressure-treated wood is easier to install than other types of decking materials.

The disadvantage of using pressure-treated wood is the maintenance required to keep the deck in good condition. Regular scrubbing or power washing is necessary for cleaning it. It also needs to be sealed or painted annually. Even with chemical treatment, it deteriorates over time.


The manufacturer has developed a composite material made of plastic or a combination of plastic and wood. These composites are durable and long-lasting. They do not chip like wood and do not require sealing, painting, or dyeing to maintain color.

Composite deck materials are generally more expensive than wood. Composites made from wood waste deteriorate over time, and like wooden bridges, mold can grow on this material. Regular cleaning is required to prevent dirt.

Cedar or Sequoia

Cedar and sequoia contain natural oils and tannins that protect against spoilage—these types of decks durable than pressure-treated wood. The natural texture and grain of these woods make them the most attractive flooring materials. To make your cedar or redwood deck clean, pressure wash it every year and apply a new sealant every two years. If you want to keep these materials’ colour, it is recommended that a specialist color them. These woods are expensive than pressure-treated wood.