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Phoenix Advantage Group is a drywall repair, installation and finishing firm in Beckley, West Virginia 25+ Mile Radius. We provide drywall and plaster repair services to residents living in 25 miles radius of in Beckley, West Virginia.

Our professional drywall technicians can have ceilings and walls as good as new. We believe that we will appear on time, produce consistent results, and never leave the construction site until our customers are 100% satisfied.

Drywall installation, finishing and repair

We offer various drywall services, and no job is too big or too small for a patch or paints professional. contact us for following projects:

Drywall Installation:

An ideal service for anyone looking for a new wardrobe, wall, or parcel at home or in business.

Drywall Repair

Our reputable drywall repair contractor can remove cracked, peeled or cracked drywall and finish it like new.

Underground mods:

Drywall mods are quick and easy, especially if you contact with Phoenix Advantage Group.

Wet Repair:

No matter how wet your property is, we can restore the interior of your home to its original glory.

Ceiling Repair

A hanging, cracked, or bubbling ceiling cannot compete with a drywall ceiling repair specialist.

Drywall finish:

Rough drywall or gypsum board? Our experts can quickly finish it flat and smooth.

Our Drywall Repair Service

All drywall repair services include painting the repair area to match the rest of the wall. Our experts can help you find the exact paint colour and achieve the perfect look to match the original wall’s texture.

Repairing drywalls with small holes

These are smaller holes than dimes that do not require an invasive repair process. Fill the holes with a filler material and paint when cured.

Repairing drywalls with large to medium holes

Our experts will access the damaged area and find a permanent solution. In some cases, you can create a metal mesh patch or use a small drywall patch.

Replacing drywall panels

If the damage is extensive, replace the panel. Don’t worry; once the panel is installed, tape the seams, cover them with mud, and polish them for a smooth look.

Drywall, gypsum board, plasterboard, environmental panel-whatever you call it, and we can replace it. We can also repair moisture-resistant dry walls such as concrete panels and green panels.

Drywall repair service in Beckley, West Virginia 25+ Mile Radius

Handle all your drywall repair needs. When the repair is complete, clean the area to make it look like you’ve never been there. Call (304) 760-9071 or book a free quote online.

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