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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling / Renovations

Phoenix Advantage Group is the best bathroom remodeling contractor in Beckley, West Virginia and with years of experience. Our fully customized design, outstanding customer service, and incredible craftsmanship make it perfect for all your bathroom renovation needs. We are insured and licensed; all work is guaranteed.

Turn your idea in reality

You start and end every day in your bathroom. It’s more than just a place to prepare. It should be a place where you can cool yourself and relax. Our team of professional designers and technicians is ready to give birth to your ideas. From minor adjustments to extensive bathroom overhauls, from transitions to contemporary designs, transform your current bathroom into a space that meets your vision and needs.

Our Bathroom Remodeling/ Renovation Services

Phoenix Advantage Group LLC is well equipped to handle any bathroom remodeling.  This means you don’t have to hire another contractor to get the job done. Bathroom refurbishment services include:

  • Fitting of new shower door or bathtub;
  • Installation of tiled floors;
  • Securing of vanity or mirror;
  • Install and finish drywall;
  • New installation of taps or hand showers; etc.

Remodeling the bathroom is an excellent project because it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Hiring our services gives you the peace of mind that your property is in safe hand.

We will do our best to minimize interference in your routine. We take care to minimize dust while working and always leave the clean workspace at the end of the day.

Expectations during Remodeling

Bathroom modifications may not go as planned and can be costly. The best way to avoid surprises is to prepare and conduct as many studies as possible. Our bathroom remodeling checklist is a great way to avoid obstacles, and you can even learn some ways to save money.

Whether you want to upgrade your bathroom a bit or need a complete remodel/renovate it, we make your dreams come true. When you’re ready to refurbish your bathroom, you can trust Phoenix Advantage Group LLC.  Contact us or call (304) 760-9071 to request a quote for the bathroom remodeling.