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Flooring Services


If you want to refurbish your entire home or renew your room in Beckley, West Virginia 25+ Mile Radius, our flooring specialists can help. Contact Phoenix Advantage Group to find a variety of flooring service. We are providing the best services and products throughout Beckley, West Virginia


It is one of the most common types of flooring, and ideal for commercial spaces. Due to the variety of carpets, it is essential in a commercial environment to design the material to withstand wear. Vacuuming usually removes all dirt and debris from the carpet. Still, it may require deep cleaning where the machine flushes the material with water and detergent to allow it to dry naturally.


Many industrial companies choose to install concrete floors, which is the most durable option available. You can use a variety of stamps and shines to personalize this type of flooring. This material is very easy to clean with a broom, but you need to use chemicals and scrub or pressure washer to remove the dirt.


With many styles and colours, hardwood floors are a popular and luxurious choice and include all wood materials. This floor can be cleaned traditionally but requires a wood cleaner, a protective layer every few years, and monthly cleaning.


This flooring type can emulate many other types of flooring, such as tiles and wood, at a much lower price. Also, this flooring can withstand a lot of wear. After regular cleaning methods, vinyl floor cleaners should be applied from time to time to clean and finish to maintain lustre.


If you’re looking for a durable option, tiles are for you. They are made of ceramic, glass, stone, or metal cut into squares and mounted on the floor. For better results than sweeping or mopping, you need to wash with detergent and water and use an acidic cleaner to remove the residue. Grouts are porous and quickly absorb liquids, so cleaning grouts should be done with a specific detergent and brush.

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