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Home Insurance Claim – 2nd Review

home insurance claim 2nd review – Phoenix Advantage Group 

You trust doctors to handle your medical insurance, you rely on mechanics when you have an auto insurance claim … You need Phoenix Advantage Group, a contractor when you have home insurance loss. Don’t settle, until you have Phoenix Advantage Group working for you!

After the house is damaged, homeowner’s insurance can help reduce financial pressure. However, if the claim proposal does not meet expectations, or if your request is completely rejected, it can be more frustrating than ever.

Disputes between the customer and the home insurance company about insurance payments can occur for various reasons, from small print buried in the insurance contract to the actual housing maintenance cost debate. If you think your transaction is complicated, you do not have to accept it. Contact Phoenix Advantage Group for a better solution, we can handle the entire claim process; communication with your adjuster, providing required documents, direct invoicing but most importantly representing your best interest! – WE WORK FOR YOU, NOT YOUR INSURANCE! Get a Home Insurance Claim – 2nd Review from Phoenix Advantage Group.

Hire a Contractor – Who knows what it takes to get your property back in order.

Hire Phoenix Advantage Group (a licensed contractor) to independently assess the damage you want to repair. As a licensed contractor we know and understand the construction process. We often find items that need attention that your adjuster might have overlook or completely missed.

The second expert opinion about damage or loss is to do one of two things. The new offer will use these discussions to confirm or improve the accuracy of the insurer’s liquidation recommendations. Please contact your insurance agent or claims department again to provide an independent estimate in the latter case. You can also talk to the claims manager and ask them to evaluate your case.

Insurance companies usually offer settlement arrangements for damage to your home caused by fire, water, wind, storm, or hail. Insurers may provide this offer based on loss range, estimate, loss assessment, or other labels. The label does not matter. The important thing is that it is complete and accurate.

We at Phoenix Advantage Group are here to help you

Our professionals at Phoenix Advantage Group are here to help you out in this situation. We are familiar with the invoicing process and can assist you in preparing the scope of repairs professionally and honestly. The advantage of using independent repair coverage to negotiate with insurance companies is that it includes a more detailed level of the scope of work to be performed and related costs. Providing the insurer with a reliable and detailed range of remedies will make the insurer pay more than the claim. Feel free to contact us right now 304-760-9071

Homeowner: Case-Water Damage, October 2020

Homeowner hot water tank busted, causing water damage to laundry room and bedroom. Insurance company wrote check to settle the claim in the amount of $7,681.55 to cover the home repairs. When Phoenix Advantage Group received the call from the homeowner due to not being able to find a contractor to complete the repairs, we scheduled an appointment to assess the claim.

Upon review of the provided estimate provided to the homeowner by the insurance company (Which you are intitled to, so always ask for it) upon review, we found $3,679.43 of repairs that the adjuster left off the repair estimate!

Further review of the claim, we realized that NO water mitigation was performed and that was the cause for the additional mold damages to the property. We submitted a supplement to the homeowner’s insurance company to properly remediate the mold, and dry areas that were still wet. These damages left off by the insurance company would have cost the homeowner $16,213.81. However, Phoenix Advantage Group stepped in and addressed these issues, provided detailed documentation to the insurance company and the homeowner did not have to pay anything out of pocket for her repairs! Phoenix Advantage Group caught almost twenty-thousand ($20,000) dollars of damages that the insurance company didn’t include in their estimate and settlement.

Don’t settle, until you have Phoenix Advantage Group working for you! 304-760-9071